Business people, self-employed individual, administrators, shareholders, small business, real property owners, I am please to offer you my services:

Financial statements

  • Notice to Reader
  • Review engagement
  • Audit


Fraud examination (deterrence) and fraud prevention

  • Prevention:  Implantation of fraud detection routine inside of your internal control system
  • Examination and deterrence:  identification of sources of existing fraud and recuperation of financial losses when possible.  Note that these processes might and often required other professionals  skills and intervention.  It may of often required lawyers and the legal system, for-see trials.

Income tax returns

  • Personal Income Tax returns to Canada Customs and Revenue Agency and all Canadian provinces (T1, Quebec : TP1)
  • Self-employed individuals schedule (T2124, Quebec TP80)
  • Real property income schedule (rental income) (T776,TP128)
  • Final returns at death (T1, Quebec TP1)
  • Corporate tax returns (T2, Quebec :CO17)
  • Estate and trust returns (T3, Québec TP646)

Tax Planning

I am looking forward with you the impact of the Canadian income tax act as well as the Quebec tax law in the following situations:

  • Transfer of property to a corporation by shareholders
  • Transfer of property in non arm’s length situation (gift inter vivos)
  • Disposition ou vente de biens canadiens imposables
  • Disposition of Canadian Controlled Private Corporation Shares
  • Capital gain exemptions on qualified small business corporation shares or farm property
  • Research and Developments credit
  • Arrival / Departure / Sojourned in Canada – Tax residency
  • Death

Sales tax (GST, QST)

  • Statements
  • Act and rules

Management support

  • Support in accounting and management software
  • Financial planning

Payroll services

Contractors, manufacturers, construction individuals, I will handle the preparation of your payroll and also offer you the possibility of having your weekly payroll compilation within 48 hours and fax you the calculations.